Young Child SItting Too Close To TV

Is Sitting Too Close to the TV Really Bad For Your Eyes?

For many, the idea that you should sit at least two feet away from the television because of harmful electronic emission still circulates. Today’s world of smartphones, tablets, and computers has created a concern for parents and adults about what those lights behind the screen do to your eyesight. If you’ve noticed that you have […]

Blue Female Eye

How Your Eyes Work

Eyes are a complex system of connective tissues, nerve cells, and other networks that interpret light, texture, and shape. Eyes have a complex system that gives life to the world around us, but most often, people aren’t aware of how eyes work, and why we must care for and protect our vision. As optometrists, our […]

Image of eye affected by glaucoma

How to Identify Glaucoma in the Early Stages

Glaucoma occurs when fluid builds up along the front part of the eye, damaging the optic nerve and increasing pressure in the eye. As the leading cause of blindness, glaucoma occurs in two forms. The first form, open-angle glaucoma, happens gradually and doesn’t cause pain at first. It occurs when the eye isn’t able to […]