How Often Should You Get An Eye Exam?

While one would think that the need to visit your optometrist may be incredibly clear, our brain’s incredible ability to adapt can make it challenging to be sure. Our mind adapts rapidly to changes in vision, accommodating your new optical reality to help you keep seeing clearly. In those moments where the change is not sudden or drastic, you may believe that your vision remains unaltered. The truth at the core of the matter may be that a new prescription is necessary even when you think you see just fine. As a result you may need a visit to the optometrist sooner than you think.

Age Matters

The first time you get your eyes checked should be at six months, unless there are signs that trouble may be already present. The next time you should have their vision tested is right before they enter kindergarten. If all comes up well during those two visits, their next visit to the optometrist can wait until they’re 20 years of age if no new symptoms develop. If vision issues are present then they should visit their optometrist once every six months to update their prescription. Even in cases where they don’t demonstrate symptoms, a visit to the optometrist is suggested once every two years at minimum.

How Will I Know My Child Needs To See The Optometrist

There are a few clear signs that your child may be experiencing eye-strain. Keeping an attentive eye out for these symptoms will let you know when to take your child in for an optometry visit. These symptoms include:

  • Rubbing or blinking of the eyes occurs frequently
  • They’ll wink one eye to help them focus
  • They tilt their head to one side
  • They get fatigued easily or develop headaches
  • Double vision complaints
  • Putting face close to, or very far from, reading material

These are just some of the symptoms to watch for in young children.

More Frequent Visits Are Necessary As We Age

Starting at age 20, it’s essential that you see your optometrist at least once every two years, even if you aren’t experiencing any vision issues. More frequent visits are often necessary if you have any active vision issues, with at least one visit a year being suggested. At the age of 65 visiting your vision specialist once a year is standard for everyone, more frequent visits may be called for depending on the details of your optical health.

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