How Regular Exercise Can Strengthen Your Eyesight

Exercise is always emphasized as being the healthiest solution, but for many, the idea of exercise comes with reactions of cringe and shame. Exercise is known to be good for the heart, lungs, and mind, and these are well-known facts that everyone’s exposed to throughout their lives. However, exercise can even improve your eyesight and […]

Can Multi-Focal Contact Lenses Help Children With Myopia?

Multi-focal contact lenses have often been advertising for older adults due to the swaying, constant changes between near-sighted vision and far-sighted vision. These gradual changes often require a bifocal design to create a sharp vision for both at a distance and reading up close. However, for children who often have myopia, these devices might be […]

How Retinal Degeneration Patients Can Protect Their Night Vision

While our eyes aren’t specifically made for this form of sight, seeing in low-light conditions is often a concept that our eyes can completely adjust to when awake at night. Our ability to make out basic shapes and even see detail in night conditions often helps us in the long-run. Almost every animal has some […]