Is Secondhand Smoking Hurting Your Child’s Vision?

Smoking tobacco products has always been known to cause lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and numerous health problems. However, did you also know that smoking can also cause damage to your eyes? Eye problems are frequently reported by smokers, as it often produces problems such as dry eyes, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other optic […]

Understanding The Symptoms of Graves’ Eye Disease

Do you experience redness and pain around your eyes? Do you look in the mirror and feel like they’re bulging? Is irritation and dryness of your eyes something that you live with every day? You may be experiencing symptoms associated with Graves’ eye disease. Another name for this condition is “thyroid eye disease.” This autoimmune […]

The Optical Risks Associated With Extended Sildenafil Use

Sildenafil often sold under the brand name Viagra, provides men with a way to treat erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects over 30 million men throughout the United States. For men who are older, take certain medications, have low testosterone, and have other factors that can cause impotence, Viagra has been a long-standing solution for […]