Eye Exams

Dry Eye Relief is a Phone Call Away

What’s the Deal with Dry Eyes? Unfortunately, not all eyes are created equal. Some eyes do not make enough natural tears to protect the eye. Others make plenty of the wrong type of tears and they evaporate rapidly. When eyes are too dry for prolonged periods of time, inflammation can occur. This inflammation can potentially […]

Get Contact Lenses from The Optical Shoppe

If you or a loved one is self-conscious when it comes to wearing glasses, then contact lenses may be just the thing for you. With all of the modern technologies available, you are guaranteed to find a pair or two that gives you the perfect eyesight you need in a discreet manner. You are the […]

Pediatric Eye Exams

Vision is one of the most important senses. This is particularly true in children. Parents need to make sure their young children can see the world well. They also need to make sure that any potential vision problems are found early and then corrected as soon as possible. Early correction can truly make anĀ important difference […]