Patient Education

Prevention of eye diseases and disorders are our main concern at the Optical Shoppe. We have developed an effective, step-by-step system for gathering your information accurately and efficiently.

We ask if you could bring your present glasses, contact lenses and a list of all the medications you take. Our technician will record your medical history and reason for your visit Also the pressure of your eyes will be taken. Your eyes may be dilated or the Optomap may be chosen. The Optomap is a state of the art retinal camera, that will help Dr Trapeni check the health of your eyes. The Optomap allows Dr. Trapeni to detect any eye disease or disorders in an efficient manner without having to dilate the pupil.

After Dr. Trapeni has completed your exam and evaluated all of his findings, he will then recommend the necessary treatment. This may range from writing you a new prescription for new glasses, contacts or possibly having you return for further testing. If he finds a medical condition he may need to refer you to another physician that specializes in that disease.


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