Dry Eye Relief is a Phone Call Away

What’s the Deal with Dry Eyes?

Unfortunately, not all eyes are created equal. Some eyes do not make enough natural tears to protect the eye. Others make plenty of the wrong type of tears and they evaporate rapidly. When eyes are too dry for prolonged periods of time, inflammation can occur. This inflammation can potentially cause ulcers, scarring on the cornea and can be quite painful. As irritating as dry eyes can be, it is not a serious threat to vision.

Fans of technology may find themselves having difficulty tolerating screen time. As people focus on the screen, they blink less, exacerbating the condition. Even reading good old-fashioned books can present a problem for some people. Dry environments also pose a threat for those that suffer with dry eyes.

Paul Trapeni Jr., OD is glad to teach his patients at The Optical Shoppe about dry eye syndrome, dysfunctional tear syndrome, and evaporative or aqueous tear deficiency. Dr. Trapeni is the Smyrna optometrist with the experience to understand treatment options for dry eyes.

Is there more than one type of dry eyes?

Yes, dry eyes can be the result of a plethora of issues. Tears are made of a watery component that keeps the surface of the eye healthy and an oily lipid component which slows evaporation. The lacrimal gland produces tears and is therefore responsible for making sure dust and debris are washed away. Tears contain proteins, vitamins, and electrolytes to keep eyes moist, nourished and to help combat infection.

  1. Aqueous Tear Deficiency: The result of the lacrimal gland not making enough of the watery component to protect the health of the eye surface.
  2. Evaporative Tear Deficiency: When the meibomian glands do not produce sufficient amounts of oily lipids to stabilize tears, causing them to evaporate quickly.
  3. LASIK: Induces a condition called neurotrophic epitheliopathy which usually resolves itself in 3-6 months.

Allergies, pregnancy, menopause, plastic surgery, certain medications, and inflammation of various eye structures can all cause symptoms of dry eyes. There are also genetic conditions that result in dry eyes. Unfortunately, as people age, it becomes more likely they will experience dry eyes. Women tend to be more affected, especially after menopause.

Who can help me with dry eye relief in Smyrna, TN?

Dr. Paul Trapeni Jr. can answer questions about whether symptoms of dry eyes can be treated effectively with over-the-counter medicine or if his patients are candidates for prescriptive treatments. There are so many triggers that can cause the eyes to feel rough and irritated that it is best to visit Dr. Trapeni before simply buying eye drops from the drug-store. For example, if dry eyes are caused by an underlying medical condition, treatment will be very different than dry eyes caused by exposure to chemical irritants. The wisest course of action is to trust a professional to plan long term relief of dry eye.

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