Pediatric Eye Exams

Vision is one of the most important senses. This is particularly true in children. Parents need to make sure their young children can see the world well. They also need to make sure that any potential vision problems are found early and then corrected as soon as possible. Early correction can truly make an important difference in a child’s life, allowing them to gather the information they need to create a firm learning foundation. This is why pediatric eye exams are necessary. When performed by a qualified and skilled doctor such as Dr. Paul Trapeni Jr. of The Optical Shoppe in Smyrna, TN, the results can be truly life altering.

Working With a Child

Diagnosing eye problems in a child can be tricky. Dr. Trapeni knows that working directly with young children requires patience and care. He works closely with his patients and their parents to help any eye exam flow as smoothly as possible. He understands that an eye exam can feel very scary. Children are not sure what to expect when they come into his office. As a Smyrna optometrist, he wants to make sure that all of his young patients get the care they need from an eye exam. He aims to offer an office environment where both parents and children can enter and instantly feel they are in good hands. When his patients come for an eye exam, he knows they might be frightened because they do not know to expect. He and his office staffers will thus walk a child through every step of the exam, being careful to explain exactly what he is doing as he is doing it. He knows that a gentle voice can decrease a child’s stress and help them relax so he can spot any eye troubles they might have.

Preparing For An Eye Exam

Part of the process of any pediatric exam is preparing the child for the exam before they arrive in his office. Dr. Trapeni suggests that parents talk to their child before the exam. They should let them know they are going to see someone who is going to look closely at their eyes to see if they see any problems. A young child may be afraid that the visit is going to be unpleasant and even scary. A parent should sit the child down and tell them that the doctor is only there to help them. Many parents find it useful to talk to the child about their own eye exams and how it helped them see better. If necessary, the parent can explain to them that they can be in the room with them to hold their hands as the doctor does the exam. It can also be helpful for an older sibling to explain to them what it was like when they had an eye exam. Such preparation is a process that Dr. Trepani knows will help a child get the eye care they need.

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