woman wearing sunglasses

Can eyes be sunburnt?

We know all about the dangers of the sun to our skin. As a result we slather on the highest SPF possible and make it a point to wear hats and long sleeves. Our goal is to greatly reduce our exposure to the sun and ultimately reduce the probability of developing skin cancer. But what […]

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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy might sound like some silly new age medical treatment, but it’s actually an incredibly effective form of physical therapy that helps to exercise the eyes and the brain. It’s used to treat individuals with lazy eyes, crossed eyes, double vision, and a slew of other issues. Vision therapy has also proven to be […]

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Vitamins and Supplements

A healthy diet is an important part of your body’s overall health. In fact, each and every part of your body is affected by the vitamins and minerals you take in. One of the most important senses is that of sight, something that is not possible without proper nutritional supplementation. Think of everything you do […]