Kid’s Vision And Learning

Over the years it’s become clear that children sometimes exhibit difficulties in the classroom that are caused by vision problems. Previously many of these same concerns have been passed off as ‘an overactive child’ or merely the child being a ‘poor student’, when in fact their attention problems are related to vision problems. Following is […]

Paper Towel to Clean Your Glasses? No!

If you wear glasses, you know you’ve done it. In a moment of desperation you’ve reached for that roll of paper towels that’s conveniently placed nearby and used it to clean the smudges off your glasses. Maybe you didn’t know this was a bad thing to do, or maybe you just didn’t have any choice, […]

Can Your Eyes Get a Sunburn?

We know all about the dangers of the sun to our skin. As a result we slather on the highest SPF possible and make it a point to wear hats and long sleeves. Our goal is to greatly reduce our exposure to the sun and ultimately reduce the probability of developing skin cancer. But what […]