What is an Optomap?

What is Optomap? An optomap is a new technology which allows Dr. Paul Trapeni Jr. at The Optical Shoppe to give patients more accurate eye exams with no pain or inconvenience. Older technologies only allowed a small part of the retina to be examined easily. Most eye exams focus on the front of the eye […]


Lenses 101

Purchasing lenses is an important task when an optometrist says that glasses are needed. There are various materials used in the lenses and some will take on various roles. For example, bifocals may be needed as opposed to standard lenses. Dr. Paul Trapeni Jr. at The Optical Shoppe can help to educate more about the […]

Dry Eye Relief is a Phone Call Away

What’s the Deal with Dry Eyes? Unfortunately, not all eyes are created equal. Some eyes do not make enough natural tears to protect the eye. Others make plenty of the wrong type of tears and they evaporate rapidly. When eyes are too dry for prolonged periods of time, inflammation can occur. This inflammation can potentially […]