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Vitamins and Supplements

A healthy diet is an important part of your body’s overall health. In fact, each and every part of your body is affected by the vitamins and minerals you take in. One of the most important senses is that of sight, something that is not possible without proper nutritional supplementation. Think of everything you do […]

Woman with hat, sunglasses, and shirt trying to minimize sun exposure

UV Protection (Sun Wear)

With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, chances are you’ve started hearing more and more about UV protection. While the right amount of sun can help boost your vitamin D levels, the wrong amount can be disastrous. Protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays is the most important thing you can […]

Top Eye Disease and Symptops

Eye diseases are sometimes caused by health conditions or trauma. Here are 6 eye diseases and their symptoms. 6 Eye Diseases and Their Symptoms Bell’s Palsy of the Eye Bell’s Palsy is a weakness of one side of the face that can cause paralysis. This disease causes the face to droop due to muscle weakness. […]