A Glance into Color Blindness and Who it Effects

What is Color Blindness? Color blindness is when the cone and rod cells of the eye don’t contain the various pigments needed to process the light wavelengths into color. Whether its just one pigment missing or multiple pigments, people with color blindness will have trouble seeing colors that those with normal vision can see clearly. […]

Common Eye Health Myths

As we’re growing up we tend to be hit with a lot of false information. In most cases, these little tidbits come from folklore and common “wisdom” that is passed down from parent to child who becomes a parent to their child. Eye health has its own share of these, and we’re certain that many […]

Fall Season and Dry Eyes

As the fall months come and pass, people all over update their wardrobes with warm, light jackets, leggings, cozy hats, and fall boots. However, preparing for the cool to cold months may need more consideration than just a change of clothes. Your eyes, a vital part of the body, can become significantly affected by the […]