What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Prolonged use of technology such as computers, tablets, and cell phones can result in eye discomfort and vision problems. This level of discomfort, through continued use, can be described as computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain, is now becoming one of the most common symptoms that people experience as technology development […]

If you’ve ever heard the rumor that eating carrots are good for your eyes, you probably realized that they can’t be the only food that will help them. While carrot’s reputation as eye food is somewhat overrated, there are other foods you can eat that will help maintain good eye health. Like any organ, your […]

A Glance into Color Blindness and Who it Effects

What is Color Blindness? Color blindness is when the cone and rod cells of the eye don’t contain the various pigments needed to process the light wavelengths into color. Whether its just one pigment missing or multiple pigments, people with color blindness will have trouble seeing colors that those with normal vision can see clearly. […]