Ways to Relieve Eye Allergies

All over the world, people suffer from eye allergies, inflammation, and puffiness caused by particulates in the air like pollen and dust.  Along with the eye allergies, you can also get sneezing, runny nose, coughing; all ways misery can add to puffy, red, itchy eyes. Dr. Paul Trapeni, Jr at the Optical Shoppe has been providing fantastic optical services ranging from glasses to allergy treatments for years and is ready to help you today.  If you suffer from eye allergies the following information may be of great help to you.

What Causes Eye Allergies
Eye allergies are caused by environmental factors that aggravate the eyes and supporting systems.  There are two types of eye allergies named based on what causes them to flare up. Perennial allergies are the term for those that occur all year round and are not caused by seasonal environmental factors like pollen.  Those who suffer from perennial eye allergies are often sensitive to feathers, dust mites, pet dander, and other environmental pollutants, which can include cosmetics, medicines, perfumes, and smoke. Seasonal allergies are caused at varying times of the year due to a sensitivity to certain natural factors like pollen from weeds, trees, spores from molds, and grasses.

How Can I Get Relief From My Eye Allergies?
The first step to getting relief is to simply avoid the things that set off your eye allergies.  This includes using air purifiers to remove aggravating factors from the air, as well as closing your windows and running the air conditioner to help filter pollutants out of the air.  While it may seem simple, using eyeglasses can actually protect your eyes from pollen, as can running the air conditioner while you’re driving. If you suffer from allergies to dust mites then use special pillow covers to keep them from getting into your pillows, and replace rugs and carpet with tile and hardwood if you have pets and are vulnerable to dander.  To prevent mold from going in your home be sure to use dehumidifiers to keep the humidity in your home under 50%, and use bleach when you clean areas where mold and humidity can build up.

Are There Medications That Can Help?
For those who regularly suffer from eye allergies, there are many options for treatment.  Over the counter medication can help in mild cases, easing the suffering eye allergy sufferers endure throughout the year.  In the case of severe eye allergies, it may be necessary to prescribe subscription strength medications to help ease things.  Dr. Trapeni at the Optical Shoppe can help advise you on which solutions are correct for you.

If you suffer from eye allergies and are looking for relief, give the Optical Shoppe a call.  During your appointment you’ll be assessed for eye allergies, have an optical exam, and otherwise be prepared to take control of your life by treating your allergies.  Don’t let another sniffly, itchy day go by without calling on Dr. Trapeni.

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