The Effect Of Aging On Your Eyes

There are a number of factors that can affect the health of our eyes, and aging is one of the most prominent. As we age there are a number of concerns that can arise as our eyes tire and we begin to lose our ability to focus properly. In addition to this common ailment, the following ocular health issues are known to be related to aging:


This condition is caused by the hardening of the lens in your eyes that results in our eyes being unable to focus as well. The usual result of this condition is a need for reading glasses of increasing strength as the condition worsens.

Dry Eyes

As we age sometimes our tear ducts cease to be able to adequately wet our eyes, especially for women who have passed through menopause. The eyes will itch and burn on a regular basis, and eyestrain can occur when reading or using a computer. Lubricating drops exist to help with this issue.


Have you ever been zoning off and noticed specks floating through your vision? These “floaters” as they are known result from vitreous, the substance that fills your eyes, beginning to shrink slight resulting in the development of strands that float around in your eye. These are harmless in most cases, though if you notice flashing lights along with them it’s time to speak to your optometrist.


Cataracts are the result of a clouding of your lens that can, if it gets large enough, interfere with your ability to see clearly. In these cases you will likely be directed to receive surgery to extract the cataract and get an artificial lens inserted in its place.


The vitreous in your eye needs to be maintained at a particular pressure to keep your eye healthy, and sometimes your body loses the ability to do this as you age. If the pressure in your eye becomes too great you can experience a permanent loss of vision. This condition typically doesn’t present with any symptoms right away, but your optometrist will be able to identify it and provide options for treatment.

Diabetic Retinopathy

While not directly a result of the aging process, diabetic retinopathy can occur in those who are both aging and have diabetes. This condition is the result of a leak in the eye resulting in blood and other fluids clouding the vitreous in your eye. Symptoms include fading night vision, dark spots, or blurring of your vision.

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