How To Care For Your Contact Lenses

So you’ve finally decided to ditch your glasses in favor of contact lenses, and you’re excited about the way you’re going to look. Congratulations on making the transition, but have you learned how to properly care for your contact lenses? Every year thousands of people get contact lenses for full time or part time use, but many of them don’t learn the proper way to care for their lenses, and their eyes, in a way that will protect both. Below we’ve created a list of tips to help you enjoy a life with contact lenses and keep your eyes healthy.

  1. Wash Your Hands – Even the tiniest particulate getting on your contact lens could lead to irritation of the eye or even pass on infection. Before putting in your contacts use a fragrance free soap that doesn’t contain oil, and dry them with cloth or tissues that are lint free.
  2. Wash your Lenses – Be careful about how you clean your lenses, but do it often. Instructions are often provided with them, and your optometrist will be happy to teach you proper care techniques.
  3. Store Them Safely – The storage case that comes with your lenses is there to protect them and keep them moist when not in use. Make sure you clean the case regularly and replace the fluid in it.
  4. Plug The Sink – This one isn’t immediately obvious, but if you drop your lens it’s going to get real excited about going down that drain. Be sure to plug the drain to protect your lens, or get one of those devices that catch small items before they slip down the drain.
  5. Change Your Solution – This one really slips by most folks, especially those who like to stock up. If you have an open solution that’s been in use over a month, it’s time to replace the bottle.
  6. Keep Your Glasses Up To Date – There are times when you’ll be unable to use your contacts for one reason or another, so make sure you keep your prescription up to date. You should always have your glasses on you when possible.
  7. Protective Lenses Are A Must – If you work in an environment where you’d normally wear eye protection, be sure to do so with contacts. You’ll also want to include protective lenses in your kit if you’re biking, gardening, or doing anything else where foreign matter may get in your eye.

These are just a few of the important things you can do to protect your lenses and your eyes from damage. While contacts are certainly convenient they require an extra level of care to ensure that they last and don’t damage your eyes while you wear them. Another vital thing to remember to do is to take out and clean your lenses regularly, they’re not meant for sleeping in. Worn too long protein can build up on them that can damage your eye, cloud them, or even adhere the lens to your eye in severe cases. If you’re looking into getting contact lenses give The Optical Shoppe a call in Smyrna, TN. Dr. Paul Trapeni helps patients enjoy the benefits of lenses and the convenience of glasses with the aid of his incredible staff.

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