Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

Our eyes are our windows to the world. Every activity that we do is importantly dependent on the ability for vision. And not just work, but enjoyment and the fulfillment of life itself depend heavily on being able to see. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common to have less than perfect vision. Regular use of computer, television, video games, and even improper schedules of diet and rest result into impaired vision, and other problems. Thankfully, however, there are ways to cure yourself too. Prescription glasses and contact lenses are available in many varieties and ranges and can help us achieve that perfect eyesight. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages, like everything else, involved with these too. And knowing about them can help you chose one of them easily.


Glasses are the most common solution to the problems related to vision. There are hundreds of suppliers in any given locality, and it is incredibly convenient to get one. A quick eyes check, and then a simple test with the samples of different lenses available at the store itself is all the procedure you need to get a pair for yourself. Other than just vision correction, glasses come with several other benefits. There are photochromatic, antiglare and bifocals that can be loyal companions to people who must wear glasses them permanently.

It can be a little inconvenient however too. Frames that hold these lenses on our face can be too tight or too loose, heavy or irritating. It is important therefore to be sure before you finalize a frame for yourself. The key is to give a try to a couple of stores before you finalize on one frame. When you were, a frame does check where all does it come in contact with your skin. Ensure that there is no rubbing, which can cause rashes when you sweat. Glasses can be quite stylish too and be careful about how they look on your face. And if you don’t like one, there is always another one available for you to choose. Also, be mindful of the maintenance they may need, chose lenses that can be washed under water, and frames that may not break when accidentally dropped. Most lenses are made of fiber nowadays so finding a low maintenance high durability pair of spectacles is quite easy

Contact lenses

Compared to glasses contact lenses can need a little bit more care. Eyes are quite sensitive and putting the lenses in them can be a little irritating if not done properly. Further while doing it, you need be mindful of proper hygiene and cleanliness. Do understand the procedure from your eye specialist before you opt for lenses. They are convenient no doubt and can help you remove your glasses but be aware of the care that they demand too. If you work a lot in the field and face a lot of road, dust, and pollution, lenses may not be such a good idea. If, however you work for long hours in a closed office and deal with a lot of people and not feel confident in spectacles, there are some options in contact lenses.


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